Is Your Home Really Safe?


  • What happens in your home while you're away? Do you know?

  • Set aside protection and deterring theft let's explore what else goes on in our safe space we call home.

    That new maid service that you tested out and did such a stellar job when you were there seems to be slacking a bit. They tell you everything is done when they leave, but do you really know?

    The babysitter your friend recommended that you have never met is watching your children for the first time. The anxiety is building and you only want what is best for your children, is that what you are getting?

  • How about that new contractor that you just hired? Are they trustworthy?

    Have you ever wondered what your pets are doing while the house is empty and are they ok or are they a nervous wreck?

    What are your older kids are doing while you're away at work or you're away on business or vacation? Are they acting responsibly or having parties and tearing up the house? Or worse yet..... Do we really know?

  • You know that if you could say something you'd put a stop to any or all of it from happening right then and there. Including theft!... With the built-in two way audio now you can!

    Put a bulb in every room for added surveillance.

    On the brighter side this also makes a great monitor for the babies nursery or to have a conversation with the family while you're out of the house......

  • We believe here is the solution to all those questions! With this bulb and camera feature, you can monitor everything going on in your home from your smartphone!

    This is a completely new innovative high-tech multi-function hidden WIFI security monitoring system with Full HD 1080P, which delivers ultra clear image quality and supports video recording.

    APP real-time monitoring, photography, night vision, motion detection alarm.

    The hidden design makes it unnoticeable! The best secluded system for evidence gathering for home or office security. GET YOUR'S TODAY!
  • Technology: Infrared
  • Power Consumption(W): 3W
  • IR Distance(m): 5-10m
  • Network Interface: Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g
  • Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless
  • Power Supply(V): AC 110V~220V
  • Supported Mobile Systems: Android & IOS
  • Viewing Angle (Degree): 360°
  • Storage:up to 64GB TF Card
  • Color: WHITE
  • Audio Output: Built-in speaker
  • Interface: E27 standard screw interface
  • Resolution: 1280*960P
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