Mini GPS Real Time Necklace Tracker


Mini GPS Tracker is a new generation of personal GPS tracking gadget for kids/elderly /pets/personal asset. It is compact, accurate, discreet and reliable. With GSM and GPRS connectivity, the GPS Tracker works almost
anywhere in the world. With SOS panic button and two way voice function, you can have voice conversation with kids/elderly whenever they need your help. It is as small as a set of car keys and can be easily placed inside
pocket/handbag/suitcase/backpack/etc. You will enjoy a peace of mind with knowing exactly where your loved ones or valuable assets are.
APP: Android or iOS device, or webpage viewing
SIM card type: GSM band 900/1800/1900MHz with GPRS data plan, only T-mobile SIM card works well in USA
Positioning mode: GPS+LBS dual mode
SOS panic button: Supported
Two way voice: Supported
GPS Positioning accuracy: 5-15m
Geofence: Supported
Historical route: Three months record can be checked
Battery: 500mah, 3-5 days standby
Please Note:
1.Please make sure that you can find the right type of SIM card before place the order (GSM SIM cards works well in USA);
2.Please put the SIM card into a cellphone to disable the PIN code if the SIM card requires a PIN code for login.
3.Please use a cellphone to send the APN command before access to GPRS network.
Packing list:
1*Mini GPS tracker
1*USB cable
1*User Guide

  • Brand Name: MAOZUA 
  • GPS type: GPS Tracker
  • Screen Size: Under 2 Inches
  • Gps Module: Yes
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Battery Life: 20 To 29 Hours
  • Model Name: A9 GPS
  • Special Feature: Internet Connected

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