Bug Zapper Bulb


Mosquitoes... Don't you just hate them? Especially when being attacked by them during those fun Summer outdoor events with family and friends. Don't let pesky mosquitoes ruin your Summer fun! Try our LED Mosquito Killer Bulbs in your home, office and outdoor spaces. It easily fits USA E26 light bulb sockets and requires no extra wires or plugs. The best thing is that by using our Mosquito Killer Bulbs, you won't have to use those horrible chemical sprays or creams on yourself or on your family anymore! Yes, these bulbs are energy efficient and perfectly safe for you and your environment, making this product ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Turn lamp switch on to lighting and bug zapping mode or if you only want to use the zapper feature, just flip the switch twice, now this time the light will change to purple color, like a night light and bug zapping mode remains active.

Electrostatic capture: This bug zapper bulbs use lightwave technology to capture mosquitoes from every angle so mosquitoes have nowhere to escape.

Wide range of applications: Can be used indoors or outdoors in any standard lamp fixture. Widely used in decks, patios, porches, backyards, warehouses, garages, gardens, parks, homes, living rooms, kitchens, offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, etc.

This economically, environmentally friendly pest control bug zapper will simplify your life and your summer. Immediately upon receiving this genius, innovative product, you open the box to your perfect, most enjoyable summer. Imagine the evenings on the deck, the moonlit meals on the porch, the gatherings with friends and the pleasure of laughing children. You simply can't imagine a more perfect summer, this will be one for the books! So invite the neighbors, dust off the BBQ grill, brush up on those summer salad recipes, pull up a chair and watch the sunset and the lightning bugs in the yard, you're about to have a summer that dreams are made of. How can you improve on that? All we can say is you may want to Order SIX! (Like the rest of us!) 

Description: Material: ABS&PC  
Lamp: E26USA / E27EU 
Power: 15w 
Effective life: 20000 Hours 

Package Include: 
1 pcs Mosquito Killer Lamp (styles may vary)

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